The Education Revolution

For most of us, education was a class-room filled with other students of unequal ability, a low level of teacher attention (she/he had 30+ other students to attend to), and generally not much opportunity for individualized initiative. To make it worse, our study efforts were recognized by our ability on exam day to answer standardised questions on a piece of paper, and from that we were categorized for the rest of our lives.

That has now changed. The Internet is the greatest revolution in Education since the pencil was invented, and it is changing the way people learn, and affording an amazing array of opportunities to gain a practical education that really IS of some use in the real world, instead of a certificate that probably has little relevance to our real life skills.

Never before have people seeking to better their prospects of employment, enjoyment and general happiness had such a choice, and that choice is ever expanding as the Internet becomes more widely accepted in education delivery.

Not only can we now study traditional subjects “On Line”, but there is an amazing array of “out of the mainstream” subjects we can pursue that will enrich our lives and make us a more “rounded” person, with a wide variety of interests.

10 years ago, who would ever have dreamt of going to a computer to learn how to control their bad dog’s behaviour – or to learn how to make origami figures, to bake a cake, to control their child’s temper tantrums, or to learn how to play guitar?

Today, these “life style” subjects are available, as are so many others that can add to our quality of life, as well as the more traditional study subjects-English, Maths, Biology, History, and even preparation courses for public exams such as GMAT, SAT, even advice on how to get scholarships to pay for College and University Education. So what is the attraction of doing courses on line?

There are many positives-including, but not limited to:

Price – Because most on line courses are already developed, there is no teacher to pay, as the teacher we see is a recording, and the materials have already been developed, so we are viewing a copy of the original-therefore the price can be kept relatively low.

Flexibility – We can study as often as we want- we are not dictated to by class schedules, so if we want to study in our underwear at 2 am, then we have no restriction.
We are not bound by the schedule of a class-room lesson in which we must dress appropriately, get to the location on time, and do what the teacher believes is best for the class average.

On Line, we can study as quickly or as slowly as we need- we don’t have to wait for the slow students to catch up, and we don’t ever feel when we don’t understand something and need extra time, that we are holding up the class progress. And we can take break when we want.

Variety – On line we can access a huge variety of classes applicable to our wants- We can take up a foreign language, learn how to cook, learn how to study more efficiently, how to use a computer to greater effect, how to improve our singing, learn how to read Tarot cards, do massage, and so many more life enhancing things. Can you imagine asking your local College to provide a course in Aquaculture Bioengineering Sustenance because you want to know what nutrients to give your Vietnamese Basa fish stock ?

Try before you commit – Most courses allow a “try for free” period before you pay. This is important because if you start and realize this is not what you wanted, then you can gracefully withdraw. Contact the teacher- With a lot of courses offered on line, there is a facility to e-mail or interface with the teacher if we have a confounding problem. Therefore there IS a personal touch available when we need it.

Are there disadvantages?

Yes of course there are: There will always be some subjects where direction from a teacher will be required in real time. For example, I would not like to trust my brain surgery to anyone who got an “on Line” Medical education. Nor would I trust an “on line” drivers licence – so whilst On Line education can provide a lot of subjects, and support for others, there will always be a place for the real life teacher or instructor.

In conclusion, when we want to improve our life, or our qualifications, or just our interests, the most affordable place to look, the place where there is a seemingly endless variety of life enhancing learning opportunities, with instant delivery, is our own computer. Open Internet Explorer and do what its name suggests. Explore the internet- You will be surprised by the variety you can find.