Great Smartphone App for Medical Students – General Purpose Medical Reference

If you’re a medical student (MD/PA/NP/RN), smartphones offer a great way to take in and process new information. Ask any licensed medical provider worth their salt, and you’ll learn that the entire field of medicine doesn’t live in their heads (nor should it). Instead, today’s provider is skilled at making good use of reference materials. Smartphones are a quick and portable way to access reference information, and to learn challenging concepts. You should start using them as early as possible, preferably before you begin your medical training.

But sifting through the many available apps is no easy task. You may have heard of the Epocrates app, but without paying a steep membership fee, it has limited functionality. Some of the most useful parts (disease guide, etc.) are not available in the free version. Thankfully, we’ve found another free resource that just might compete.

No medical student should be without Medscape from WebMD. Medscape offers a huge drug reference library, a disease/condition library (with info summaries, differentials, diagnostic work-ups, treatments, meds, and follow up), procedures and protocols, and a drug interaction checker. These are organized with their own menus, and subdivided by body system. This “meat” is all very useful, but what makes Medscape so amazing is the gravy that goes along with it. Searchable directories of doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies; medical news articles (“An Imperative to Treat: The Role of Anticoagulation in Atrial Fibrillation”), and even continuing education credits obtained by reading articles and answering questions on them. This last feature, continuing medical education (CMEs) won’t apply until you have your license to practice medicine, but it assures you will continue to benefit from the program for a long time to come. Finally, all of the articles are saveable for future reference, so you can collect and keep the pieces of information that matter to you most.

So go get it – and jump start your medical education.

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Medscape from WebMD