A Survival Medical Primer

When on our own we will likely have to be our own cook, dishwasher and above all a doctor. The survivalist in order to be effective will need to wear a vast number of hats when the infrastructure tumbling down on our head. The medical problems which we are likely to encounter are one of the most compromising issues that we will have to conquer.

Our medical issues can originate from a vast number of reasons ranging from potential wounds from stray or intention bullets, natural calamities often found in the woods or forests, issues either directly or indirectly relating to the cause of the disaster as well as the minor things associated with day to day activities like normal colds and flu, broken bones and minor first aide needs.

It is predicted that many survivalists are likely to die from the lack of proper medical attention then for any other reason. A survivalist with a modest amount of training in the medical field could make the most difference in many life and death situations.

I have found that it isn’t necessary to attend one of our nation’s better medical schools in order to obtain this vital knowledge in fact most of it can be obtained from the internet. To start out one should always attend a general first aide and CPR class. You will readily discover these classes being offered by the America Red Cross at a modest sum. After successfully meeting the requirements to be certified by the Red Cross you can expand upon your knowledge by the use of CME classes. By carefully selecting those which would be of benefit to you in the event of a disaster you can expand your medical education greatly.

I personally have specialized in the area of infectious diseases since I wish to be adequately prepared during a potential pandemic. This does not mean that I have forsaken all other classes which deal with different disciplines of the medical field. I still undertake courses of that nature but my major concern is the accumulation of basic medical knowledge which can make a difference in the lives of fellow survivalists.

Another valuable item that you may wish to do is accumulate some digital medical books. If you search the internet there are several archival groups which collect older books and make them available to the public at no charge. Usually these books copyright has expired and they can be freely distributed. I have added greatly to my collection with surgical procedure books and both conventional and alternative medical publications.

As you can see if you are willing to take some of your time to learn a few medical skills your new found knowledge could perhaps come in very handy. Who knows you may be in high demand with your knowledge of medicine. I guess you could say it is a means of job security during disastrous times.

By Joseph Parish

Copyright @2010 Joseph Parish